Napco C-100STE

Adaptive Dual Microwave/PIR Detector

Adaptive Dual Microwave/PIR Detector, Broad Range and Wide Angle, Proven Adaptive Technology, Dual Technology Microwave/PIR, Active Self-test Supervision, Tamper-Supervised
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Napco C-100STE Adaptive Dual Microwave/PIR Detector



Napcos Adaptive dual microwave/PIR detectors automatically adjust to their environment, minute by minute, for the ultimate false alarm immunity and reliability. Upon installation, a NAPCO Adaptive Microwave/PIR detector powers up, initialized in the first of its 12 sensitivity modes, i.e., the most sensitive, enabling it to sample prevailing environmental conditions. Faced with hostility or tranquility, the Adaptive detector automatically selects the most appropriate detection mode accordingly, optimizing both intruder catch and stability. Each time the sensors detect a stimulus strong enough to generate a signal, but insufficient in strength to indicate an alarm, the detector will automatically change sensitivity modes, effectively widening the gap between the detected signal and its alarm threshold. Therefore, environmental disturbances, those that register by the PIR and/or microwave sensor, are better tolerated and the threat of false alarms or nuisance alarms is dramatically reduced, far surpassing the performance of conventional dual technology devices.


And, because a dynamic Adaptive Detector literally adjusts to its surroundings minute-by-minute, once disturbances quiet, e.g., the space heater turns off again, the air conditioner stops blowing the blinds, power stops browning-out, animals vacate the intelligent detector again escalates its sensitivity, mode by mode so the premises always enjoys the greatest level of fast intruder-catch detection and false alarm protection possible.

The Napco Adaptive Sensor is the most forgiving sensor available because it is so smart and makes the sensitivity and critical range adjustments an experienced alarm professional would, if one were standing by, 24-hours a day, seven days a week to make them. Any activity beyond the unit's protected area, detected by the microwave section is also automatically compensated for. The unit even actively tests both its channels (PIR and Microwave), regularly activating each, to make sure it is on-the-job, performing to specification. An absolute solution to false alarms, callbacks and service calls NAPCO Adaptive Detectors pay for themselves in the time and money they save.




  • Broad range and wide angle coverage
  • Proven adaptive technology
  • Smart microprocessor-based false alarm discrimination
  • 12 automatically selected, dynamic Adaptive detection modes
  • Dual technology microwave and PIR signal verification
  • Active self-test supervision of both microwave & PIR channels
  • Superior RFI-/EFI-/lightning shielded protection
  • Wide array of interchangeable lenses
  • Critical Range Control
  • True Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Fast, flexible mounting
  • Secured cover
  • Tamper-supervised
  • Added False Alarm Prevention Features
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