Napco GEM-EZM8

Control Panel 8 Zone Expansion Module

Control Panel Zone Expansion Module, Eight-zone Expansion Module, Audible Find Mode�, Easy Menu Driven Program Mode, Zone Module Tamper Alarm, Status LED
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Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA-50PUL  
Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA-250BP  
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Napco GEM-EZM8 Control Panel 8 Zone Expansion Module



The capacity of the MA3000, GEM-Series, Signature 5500, SS-P Series, and GEM-P1664 control panels may be expanded through the use of GEM-EZM zone expansion modules. GEM-EZM4 modules provide up to four additional zones; GEM-EZM8 modules, up to 8 additional zones. Four-zone and 8-zone modules may be combined as necessary to supply the required number of zones. Refer to the installation instructions for the control panel in use for wiring requirements for UL-listed applications.




  • Eight-zone expansion module (for all expandable GEM panels)
  • Audible Find Mode
  • Easy Menu Driven Program Mode
  • Zone Module Tamper Alarm
  • Loop Response
  • Status LED
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