Napco GEM-K1CA

Gemini Alphanumeric Keypad

Alphanumeric Keypad, 32-Character Dual-line Display, Custom Alphanumeric Zone, EZ Keypad Programming2, Large Backlit Keys, Programmable Panic Keys
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Napco Security Technologies GEMK1CA  
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Napco Security Technologies GEMRP3DGTL  
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Napco Security Technologies GEM-K1VPS  
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Napco GEM-K1CA Gemini Alphanumeric Keypad



The GEM-K1CA is Napco's custom alphanumeric keypads with EZ Programming, the easiest programming in the industry today. Napco's GEM Series keypads come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing models and offer end-users the security solutions they deserve. Our popular Gemini intrusion systems continue to be installed in millions of businesses, institutions and homes around the world. Our commitment to providing consumers innovative dependable security products leads me to share with you our GEMK1CA and GEMRP1CAe2 keypads.


Our high performing custom alphanumeric keypads with EZ programming meet all the security requirements business owners and home owners are gravitating towards. Both keypads come with a deluxe 32-character backlit, menu-driven, dual line display and a built-in 4 Zone expansion module. Wireless transmitter signal display keeps you informed at all times that your keypad(s) are in constant contact with the central station. EZ Keypad Programming2 Q&A session provides alarm installers with simple to follow instructions that allow them to enter data directly into the keypad. Custom alphanumeric zone directory and fire, police and auxiliary programmable panic keys provide end-users with peace of mind should an emergency situation arise.


Large soft touch backlit keys with tone, backlit displays for easy reading and an accessible fingertip reference chart reduce end-user's chances from accidentally pressing the wrong buttons. What's more, GEMK1CA features easy-to-use stay/away one button arm and instant (hold-down). GEMRP1CAe2 in contrast offers instant keys and a traditional interior.




  • Deluxe 32-character backlit, menu-driven, dual-line display
  • Custom alphanumeric zone directory
  • Built-in 4 Zone expansion module
  • Display of wireless transmitter signal strength 1-10
  • EZ Keypad Programming2 with actual Q&A's to step through configuration
  • New intuitive, stay & away ease-of-use buttons, for easy one button arm and easy instant (hold-down) with the GEMK1CA
  • Large soft touch backlit keys with tone
  • Backlit displays for easy reading
  • Wireless transmitter signal strength indication
  • Decor friendly soft white design
  • Fire, police and auxiliary programmable panic keys
  • Fingertip reference chart
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