Napco PIR1680

Passive Infrared PIR Motion Detector

Passive Infrared PIR Motion Detector, Broad Range and Wide Angle, 65 lb Pet/Animal Immunity, Insect-Safeguarded Enclosure, Active Self Test Mode, Tamper Supervised
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Napco PIR1680 Passive Infrared PIR Motion Detector



The most advanced microprocessor PIR with smart false alarm rejection, animal immunity, and built-in temperature sensors. Advanced PIR1680 series passive infrared motion detectors exemplify NAPCO sensor technology�s innovation, increasing dependability without compromising intruder catch sensitivity. For applications where animal/pet immunity is key, the PIR1680PT supports 65lb. (29kg) pet protection within its 45� (13.7m) range. Or, the original model PIR1680, has a 50� (15.2m) range and offers nominal 20lb. (9kg) animal/rodent immunity. Outstanding false alarm rejection in both models is made possible with their advanced microprocessor that has been embedded with a library of valid and false alarm signal signatures - enabling the PIR to differentiate intruders from animals and other traditional false alarm sources. In addition to proven intruder-detection circuitry, these units also feature a built-in temperature sensor � at no additional charge - so you can provide traditional security, as well as climate security from heat and/or freeze damages, when HVAC systems fail, before pipes burst or d�cor, pets or perishables are ravaged by heat extremes, otherwise left unchecked.




  • Broad 45� x 45� range and wide angle coverage
  • 65 lb pet/animal Immunity
  • Insect-safeguarded enclosure
  • Room-temp alert � temperature monitoring provides auto-alert at 40*F - 90* F
  • Look-down/creep zone
  • D.C.I.D. Technology - detect & compare imaging diagnostics for advanced false and true alarm detection
  • Active self test mode
  • Exceptional RFI-/EMI/lightning shielding of key components
  • Lens bank available, including long range, barrier, and specialty ranges
  • Superior RFi-/EFI-/lightning-shielded protection
  • Critical Range Control
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Wall or corner mountable
  • Tamper supervised
  • Form A relay
  • Added False Alarm Prevention Features
  • 5 year warranty
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