Panasonic RTM30

3-Channel FM Video Rack Card Transmitter Multimode

Product Features:

  • Discreet surveillance
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Decorative trim ring
  • Installs easily with supplied hardware
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Price : $566.14
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Sales End : 10/25/2016
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The Panasonic RTM30 is a component of the M30 Series security system. It has three channels of transmission/reception over an optical pipeline utilizing FM frequencies.The RTM30 is camera transparent and as such is compatible with all security cameras and monitors regardless of itsmanufacturer while requiring just one slot of a rack system.



RTM30 3-Channel FM Video Rack Card Transmitter Multimode Features:


  • Compatible with NTSC; RS-170A & RS-343A and PAL
  • Diagnostics: Video, Power and Optical Presence
  • Full Color Transmission
  • Economical
  • FM Video Transmission
  • Three Channels Per Card
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