Panasonic WVCW504S

Super Dynamic 5 Vandal Resistant Fixed Dome Camera

Product Features:

  • 1/3" Interline Transfer CCD
  • Focal Length - 3.8-8mm / Zoom - 2x
  • Resolution - 650TVL (Color)
  • ABS (Adaptive Black Stretch)
  • i-VMD for Video Motion Detection
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Ask a Question  about the Panasonic WVCW504S Super Dynamic 5 Vandal Resistant Fixed Dome Camera
Panasonic WVCW504S
The WVCW504S by Panasonic is a vandal-resistant fixed dome, surface mount camera.  It comes with super Dynamic 5 (SD5) image technology which achieves exceptional image quality. It is IP66 rated for water and dust resistance.
The Panasonic WVCW504S has a resolution of 650 TVL and analog connectivity. The lens is 3.8-8.0 mm with 2x varifocal. The camera is featured with Panasonic’s exclusive Super Dynamic 5(SD5) image technology. It also includes intelligent Video Motion Detection (i-VMD) to capture moving objects without distortion and object detection for items removed or left behind.
Comprehensive Protection
The Panasonic WVCW504S offers Auto Back Focus and Adaptive Black Stretch.  The great feature is the Dehumidification Device. The minimum illumination required is 0.1 Lux for color and 0.01 for B/W.
Technical Details
The Panasonic WVCW504S has an Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction and 3D Color Conversion Function. It can be operated on 24VAC or 12VDC.



WVCW504S Super Dynamic 5 Vandal Resistant Fixed Dome Camera Features:


  • 1/3" Interline Transfer CCD
  • Focal Length - 3.8-8mm / Zoom - 2x
  • Resolution - 650TVL (Color)
  • ABS (Adaptive Black Stretch)
  • i-VMD for Video Motion Detection
  • Auto Back Focus
  • Dust / Moisture / Vandal Resistant
  • IP66 Rated
  • Surface Mount
  • NTSC
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