Panasonic WV-SF138

Super Dynamic Full HD Dome Network

Product Features:

  • Finish of the main body of the camera is sail white ABS resin, and the dome cover is clear polycarbonate resin
  • Low profile design for discrete installation
  • 1080p HD images up to 30fps
  • 3.1 Mp high sensitivity MOS Sensor
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Pelco IMP519-1ES  
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ACTi KCM-3311  
ACTi KCM-7111  
ACTi ACM-7411  
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Ask a Question  about the Panasonic WV-SF138 Super Dynamic Full HD Dome Network
The Panasonic WV-SF138 Indoor Full HD IP Dome Network Camera is designed with signature Panasonic high reliability and features Mega Super Dynamic technology that delivers 128x broader dynamic range. Face detection allows the camera to adjust product focus to capture a person in shot and using the VIQS (Variable Image Quality on Specified Area), the latest innovation, allows the camera to have higher resolution only on specified areas of the image.
The ONVIF compliant WV-SF138 uses a newly developed MOS sensor and provides 1080p full HD images at up to 30 FPS and because the camera is powered by Panasonic UniPhier technology multiple H.264 streams and JPEG streams ensure simultaneous real time monitoring and high resolution HD recording. 
The WV-SF138’s wide coverage capability ensures precise recording in targeted areas with a horizontal range of 100° and a vertical of 81° (3Mp (4:3)). This, in combination with the Privacy Zone that covers up to two provate areas such as windows or entrances/exits makes WV-SF138 ideal where surveillance is needed in complicated site locations.
Face detection allows the camera to adjust product focus to capture a person in shot and also use the XML data to trigger an alarm upon detection if using a compatible recorder. VIQS (Variable Image Quality on Specified Area) is the latest innovation to the Smart HD range, allowing the camera to have higher resolution only on specified areas of the image, meaning lower bandwidth.
The camera provides all the latest Smart HD innovations in a compact housing. ONVIF compliant, the dome is a must for a wide range of applications.



WV-SF138 Super Dynamic Full HD Dome Network Features:

  • Finish of the main body of the camera is sail white ABS resin, and the dome cover is clear polycarbonate resin
  • Wide Coverage: Horizontal: 100°, Vertical: 81° (3Mp (4:3))
  • Low profile design for discrete installation
  • 1080p HD images up to 30fps
  • 3.1 Mp high sensitivity MOS Sensor
  • High resolution at full HD 1,920 x 1,080 created by 3.1Mp high sensitivity MOS Sensor
  • Multiple H.264 (High profile) streams and JPEG streams ensure simultaneous real time monitoring and high resolution recording by new UniPhier, Panasonic’s proprietary System LSI platform
  • Full frame (up to 30 fps) transmission at 1,920 x 1080 image size
  • Super Dynamic and ABS (Adaptive Black Stretch) technologies deliver 128x wider dynamic range
  • Face Super Dynamic Range technology ensures clear face image
  • High sensitivity with Day/Night (Electrical) function: 1.2 lux (Color), 0.9 lux (B&W) at F2.2
  • Digital Noise Reduction: 3D-DNR ensures noise reduction in various conditions
  • Progressive scan ensures clear images with less motion blur and no tearing even when the subject is moving
  • Electronic sensitivity enhancement: Auto (Up to 16x) / Off
  • Selectable Light Control Modes: Indoor scene (50 Hz) / Indoor scene (60 Hz) / ELC (maximum exposure time)
  • Indoor scene (50 Hz / 60 Hz): Flicker caused by fluorescent lightning will be automatically compensated
  • ELC (Maximum Exposure Time): The lightning control will be automatically performed by adjusting shutter speed in the range of ELC
  • 3x Extra zoom at 640 x 360 resolutions
  • 2x, 4x digital zoom controlled by browser
  • VIQS (Variable Image Quality on Specified area) technology allows the designated 2 areas to retain higher image quality while the excluded area will have a decreased image quality, which enables to use lower image file size
  • and bit rate
  • Cropping function enables to provide whole image (1920 x 1080) and the part image (640 x 480) simultaneously
  • Up to 4 image capture areas can be specified, and it is also possible to control the sequence
  • Fog compensation
  • VMD (Video Motion Detection) with 4 programmable detection areas, 15 steps sensitivity level and 10 steps detection size
  • Privacy Zone can mask up to 2 private areas, such as house windows and entrances / exits
  • Camera Title Display: Up to 20 alphanumeric characters on the browser
  • Alarm sources including VMD and Panasonic alarm command can trigger actions such as SDXC / SDHC / SD memory recording, FTP image transfer, E-mail notification, Indication on the browser, Alarm terminal output, and
  • Panasonic alarm protocol output
  • Built-in microphone
  • Full duplex bi-directional audio allows interactive communication between camera site and monitoring site
  • JPEG image compression ratio can be changed by alarm so that higher quality image can be provided
  • Prioritized Stream Control: One of the video streams can be prioritized when multiple recorders or client PCs are accessing the camera so that the recorder or the client PC can maintain the frame rate
  • SDXC / SDHC / SD Memory card slot for manual recording (H.264 / JPEG), alarm recording (H.264 / JPEG) and backup upon network failure (JPEG)
  • H.264 maximum bit rate / client and total bit rate control allows flexible network traffic management. Frame rate priority mode controls bit rate and compression ratio to provide the specified frame rate
  • Internet Mode: H.264 images can be transmitted over HTTP protocol
  • Multi-Language: English / Italian / French / German / Spanish / Russian / Chinese / Japanese
  • IPv4 / IPv6 protocol supported
  • Supports SSL, DDNS (viewnetcam, RFC2136)
  • Still images (JPEG) can be viewed on mobile phones via Internet
  • ONVIF compliant