Pelco LB2000 Lockbox

Vertical Lock Box

Warranty Included

Vented Side Panels
• Conduit Knockouts
• Pre-Wired, Filtered Fan Assembl
• Pre-Wired AC Cord
• LB2000 Have Two AC Duplex Outlets (One Internal, One External) Internally Fused for Accessories
• Lock Boxes Can Be Stacked or Daisy-Chained Together
• Two 1-Inch (2.54 cm) Grommeted Cable Ducts

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2MCCTV 2M-18-18-5  
VLB DQ-21-21-8  
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Pelco LB2000 Lockbox

Prevent people from tampering with your CCTV computer with this vertical lock box. The lock box will keep intruders from switching off the computer or pulling cables out of the ports in the back of it.


Cool and Power Your PC

Keep your PC from overheating with the lock box’s vented side panels and pre-wired fan assembly. Power your computer and accessories with internal and external duplex outlets. The pre-wired AC cord supplies power to the outlets, and conduit knockouts allow additional cables to pass though. Be sure, however, to position your system in a way that keeps intruders from being able to access or unplug cables. 

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