Rosslare AC-C32

Keypad Door Reader

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Rosslare AC-C32 Indoor Standalone Single-Door Access Controller - PIN+Prox, 500 PIN users, 2 Tri-colored LED Indicator,2x6 keypad, Built in Keypad for PIN code entry, 3 security levels and 3 user levels
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Rosslare AC-C32 Indoor Standalone Single-Door Access Controller - PIN+Prox


The AC-C32 is a proximity card and keypad access control unit. The unit accepts up to 500 users and provides entry via the use of proximity cards and/or PIN codes. It is an Indoor PIN+Prox Mullion 2x6 Controller.  



  • 500 (PIN+Prox or Prox-only - 125KHz RFID Card / Tag Reader) user

  • Built in Keypad for PIN code entry

  • Three User Levels (Normal User, Secure User, Master User)

  • Three Modes of Operation (Normal Mode, Bypass Mode, Secure Mode)

  • "Code Search" feature makes maintaining user codes easier

  • Lock Strike Electronic Relay with built-in suppressor protection

  • Bell, Chime, Siren, and Strobe features available with BL-D40

  • 12-16VDC regulated power input 

  • Programming performed locally using 2 Tri-Color LED menu 

  • 3.5 Amp Form C electronic strike relay

  • Case tamper

  • 1 Amp Open Collector PGM



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