Rosslare AC-F44

Rosslare AC-F44

1 Yr
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Rosslare AC-F44 Outdoor Backlit Standalone PIN Controller, three levels of security, Indoor/Outdoor 3x4 PIN+Prox (125 kHz RFID) Controller with Red backlit keys, PIN 500 users, rugged UV-resistant housing and water-resistant enclosure for maximum durability, The backlit keypad is clearly visible during the day or night
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Rosslare AC-F44 Outdoor Backlit Standalone PIN & Proximity Controller


Rosslare's newest standalone backlit PIN & Proximity controller, the AC-F44, is a cost-effective solution for indoor and outdoor systems where PIN and/or Proximity credentials are required. The AC-F44 offers automatic mode recognition and a user-friendly set up menu, simplifying configuration and use. This durable model can be easily programmed with up to 500 users, on a single door. Extra features such as various door alarms, LED control, and tamper detection provide extra security and flexibility.




  • 500 (PIN+Prox or Prox-only - 125KHz RFID Card / Tag Reader) usersA mounting template and installation kit are provided.

  • Three user levels: Normal Requires single PIN code, Secure Requires dual PIN codes, and master user

  • 3 Access levels: Normal, Bypass, Secure

  • Suitable for Gang box installations

  • Programmable PIN code length of 4-digits to 8-


  • Powered either by transformer (AC) or

    regulated power supply (DC).

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