Rosslare AC-G43

Rosslare AC-G43

1 Yr
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Rosslare AC-G43 Outdoor Backlit Standalone PIN Controller, 500 dual-code users, Rubber 2x6 Backlit keypad, 2 x 3Amp Relays, Operation voltage range of 16-24 VAC or 12-24 VDC, Fully potted, meets IP65
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Rosslare AC G43 Outdoor Backlit Standalone PIN Controller


Rosslareطs newest standalone backlit PIN controller, the AC-G43, is a cost-effective solution for indoor and outdoor systems where PIN credentials are required. This durable model can be easily programmed with up to 500 users, on a single door. An Indoor/Outdoor PIN Mullion 2x6 Controller with Red backlit keys. for applications with frequent night time traffic and dark difficult visibility, in residential, commercial, and indoor Industrial applications.

Housed in a rugged poly-carbonate Ultra Violet (UV) resistant enclosure and completely epoxy potted the AC-G43 is ready to function rain or shine. Featuring a backlit keypad, by day the keypad buttons are white and easily read, as night approaches the backlit buttons begin to glow red to be easily seen at night.


  • 500 PIN users
  • (2x) 5A Output Relays

  • 2 Inputs and 3 security modes with 3 user levels

  • Weather-resistant housing and Large red illuminated keys 
  • 2 Bi-Color LED Menu 
  • Fully Potted 
  • Rated IP65 

  • Optical Back Tamper 

  • 12-24 VAC or 16-24 VDC Input

  • 10-Wire Interface (10 Colors / Label on Back Of Unit)

Meets: ETSI, CE, FCC CFR 47 Part 15b, UL294-pending

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