Rosslare AC-G44

Rosslare AC-G44

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Rosslare AC-G44 Outdoor Backlit Standalone PIN & Proximity Controller, 500 (PIN+Prox or Prox-only - 125KHz RFID Card / Tag Reader) users, (2x) 5A Output Relays, 12-24 VAC or 16-24 VDC Input, Weather-resistant housing
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Rosslare AC-G44 Outdoor Backlit Standalone PIN & Proximity Controller


Rosslare's newest standalone backlit PIN & Proximity controller, the AC-G43, is a cost-effective solution for indoor and outdoor systems where PIN and/or Proximity credentials are required. This durable model can be easily programmed with up to 500 users, on a single door. Come rain or shine, this reader can handle the challenge, with its rugged UV-resistant housing and water-resistant enclosure for maximum durability. The backlit keypad is clearly visible during the day or night, making these units ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Extra features such as various door alarms, LED control input, and tamper detection provide extra security and flexibility are all included.


  • Up to 500 users can be coded using Smart enroll and delete technology

  • A mounting template and installation kit are provided

  • Three user levels: Normal Requires single PIN code, Secure Requires PIN/PROX code combinations, Master User

  • Three access levels: Normal, Bypass, Secure

  • Suitable for mullion installations
  • Programmable PIN code length of 4-digits to 8-digits

  • Powered either by transformer (AC) or regulated power supply (DC).

Meets: ETSI, CE, FCC CFR 47 Part 15b, UL294-pending

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