Vandal Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Wall-Plate Camera

Product Features:
• 550 TV Lines Resolution
• 1.5mm Wide Angle Lens
• 170° Viewing Angle
• Vandal Resistant
Weatherproof IP67 Rated
• Adjustable Mounting Angle
• Programmable Reversible Image

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The SECO-LARM Enforcer Series EV-5105-N1SQ is a vandal resistant wall plate camera for discreet video surveillance.  For discreet security, the covert camera can subtly install in many different locations such as doors, walls, cars, bumpers, gates, entryways, machinery, and many more.  Built within a vandal resistant wall plate, this ENFORCER camera offers a weatherproof rating of IP67 for indoor or outdoor use.

High Resolution Camera
SECO-LARM utilizes a camera with a Sony 1/4 inch CCD image sensor for a high resolution imaging of 550 TV lines.  With high resolution imaging, the user receives clear sharp video for security application where high quality video footage is a must.

Adjustable Mounting Angle
The EV-5105-N1SQ offers adjustable mounting angles to help ensure perfect viewing with standard, protruding, or angled installation. Standard installation involves placing the camera securely at the end of the wall plate.  Using protruding installation, the camera positions further out from the wall plate for areas with limited spacing behind the wall plate.  Angled installation situates the camera at an angle on the wall plate for time when the camera needs to be placed at an odd position and angle view is preferred.

Vandal Resistant Wall Plate
With the Enforcer Series camera, the included wall plates are vandal resistant and weatherproof rated for superior protection and durability.  Rated at IP67 for weather proofing, the wall plate can withstand dust and water up to full immersion in 1 meter of water.

Two Plating Options
Included with the vandal resistant camera are a single gang plate and a slimline plate for different mounting options. The single gang plate offers a standard outlet size wall plate for most installations. Meanwhile, the slimline plate provides a smaller plate for installation using a smaller opening or areas with less wall space.

1 Year Extended Warranty
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3 Year Extended Warranty
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By: Mike Smith (Tulsa)
Date Added: Tuesday 08 May, 2012
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:
Experience: I currently use it.
Disappointing if trying to identify people's features. Blurry picture and poor color quality.

Excellent Small Camera

By: Don Baack (Arlington Tx)
Date Added: Thursday 19 April, 2012
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:
Experience: I currently use it.
Excellent small Camera, A little fish eye but that is to be expected with a 170 viewing angle, great picture quality, mounted in outside electrical box next to the front door jam and can see the front door with a little adjustment. Very small and compact but good picture. Would recommend if you are looking for small hidden weather proof camera.
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  • $145.59
    Vandal Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Wall-Plate Camera
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    Back-UPS Pro 540 Watts /900 VA Input 230V /Output 230V
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    Intelligent Dual Relay Secure Power Supply
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    12 or 24 vdc output voltage access control power supply
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    Accessories controller