1000 ft. Black Siamese Coaxial Cable

1 Yr
Warranty Included

• 1000 Feet Black Siamese Coaxial Cable
• RG59 & 18-2 Siamese cable makes for an easier CCCTV camera installation
• The coax and power cable combined together
• UL certified

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Security system installers always need a large supply of cable on hand.  For less than sixteen cents a foot, you can purchase a 1000 foot roll of Siamese Black coaxial cable.  This RG59 and 18-2 cable combines both video and power into one convenient cable.  You only need one cable for each camera. 



Cable Construction


This affordable video coax cable has a solid bare copper center conductor covered by a Foamed Polyethylene dielectric.  The CCTV cable’s braided core and bare copper shield make sure to produce a quality signal.  The cable also has a water block tape for outdoor use and is also UL certified. 




Siamese CCTV Cable Features:

  • RG-59U & 18/2 Combo Cable 1000' Black.
  •  RG59 & 18-2 Siamese cable makes for an easier CCTV camera installation.
  • The coax and power cable combined together.
  •  this cable is a single pull for each camera.
  • UL certified
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By: Ed Norton ()
Date Added: Wednesday 21 May, 2008
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Overall Rating:
Great cable! easy to use. Has length marker shows how much cable left.

By: Seb ()
Date Added: Monday 24 April, 2006
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Overall Rating:
It took for ever to get my cable. Whoever they order it through does not know what they are doing. They contacted another supplier and got it for me, but I was still three weeks over due for my install by the time every thing was handled.