1000 ft. White Siamese Coax Cable

1 Yr
Warranty Included
• 1000 Feet White Siamese Coaxial Cable
• RG59 & 18-2 Siamese cable makes for an easier CCTV camera installation
• Coax and power cable combined together
• UL certified
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Wire your cameras for both power and video in one pull with this 1,000-foot spool of white Siamese cable. Once the cable is pulled to the correct general area, you can easily peel the coaxial part of the cable from the power part so they can extend to exactly where you need them.


The coaxial cable is RG-59U. RG-59 is a common cable for video signals and the “U” stands for “general utility use.” The power cable is 18/2. The “18” indicates gauge and the “2” indicates two wires, one positive and one negative. This cable is safety-certified by UL.


Siamese CCTV Cable Features:

  • RG-59U & 18/2 Combo White 1000'.
  • RG59 & 18-2 Siamese cable makes for an easier CCCTV camera installation.
  • The coax and power cable combined together.
  • This cable is a single pull for each camera.
  • UL certified
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Date Added: Wednesday 14 May, 2008
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I ordered this cables and got it right away. Thank you guys!