Siamese Coax Video Cable

1 Yr
Warranty Included

• 1000 feet RG59 and 18/2 pair Direct Burial Siamese Cable
• The coax and power cable combined together
• UL certified
• RG59 & 18-2 Siamese cable makes for an easier CCTV camera installation

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How would you like to have one cable running to each security camera instead of two or more?  With the Siamese-1526DB-BLK coaxial video cable (RG59 and 18/2) you can now do just that – it combines your power cable and coaxial.  For less than 45 cents a foot, run only one cable to each camera – which makes it easy to manage cabling and identify issues. 


The cable is high quality with a solid copper center conductor and braided core with a copper shield.  This cabling is designed specifically for outdoor use and has a water block tape in order to keep out the elements.  This UL listed cable makes security installations a breeze.  A one year warranty is included with the purchase of this 1000 foot spool.  




Siamese CCTV Cable Features:

  • RG-59U & 18/2 Combo Direct Burial Siamese Cable 1000' Black.

  • RG59 & 18-2 Siamese cable makes for an easier CCTV camera installation.

  • The coax and power cable combined together.

  • This cable is a single pull for each camera.

  • UL certified

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