Safety Vision SVR-4100

4 Channel Advanced Mobile Digital Video Recorder

1 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:
• D1 Video Resolution
• H.264 Compression Technology
• Frame Rate up to 30 fps
• 4 Analog Audio Channels
• WiFi Capability
• Built GPS Function
• Slim Compact Rugged Design

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The Safety Vision SVR-4100 compact mobile digital recorder provides a rugged digital video recording solution with built-in Wi-Fi, four A/V channels, GPS and more.  For versatility in recording, this mobile DVR records on a standard high-capacity Secure Digital™ (SD) cards for high quality digital video.  Mobile applications for the SVR-4100 includes recording on school bus, fire scene, prisoner transport, EMS vehicles, and more.



H.264 Compression Technology

This mobile DVR utilizes the latest H.264 compression for efficient video and audio recording.  H.264 video format saves with a reduction in file size up to 80% compare to MJPEG and 30% over MPEG4 while still retaining high video quality.


Slim Compact Design

With a slim rugged design, Safety Vision’s mobile DVR can mount virtually anywhere in a vehicle cabin.  The compact design contains no moving parts to help minimize the impact of shock and vibration on down time.


Easy Data Retrieval

The SVR-4100 offers convenient data retrieval with SafetyNet 4.0 backend and SafetyView 3.1 viewing software.  Easy data retrieval can be achieved wirelessly or manually with this mobile digital video recorder.


Built-in GPS

Safety Vision advanced mobile video recorder comes equip with built-in GPS ability. With GPS positioning, this compact DVR provides speed tracking, mapping, and recording.

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