Samsung SDC-415

1/3 Inch High Resolution Day & Night Camera

2 Yr
Warranty Included
This item has been discontinued. Suggested Replacement SCB-2000

Product Features:
• 530 TV Lines Resolution
• SSNR Digital Noise Reduction
• Day & Night Capability
• Privacy Masking with 4 Zones
• Back Light Compensation
• Motion Detection
• On Screen Display Menu

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This item has been discontinued. Suggested Replacement SCB-2000



Samsung offers reliability and dependability with the SDC-415 box style day and night camera. This camera does not compromise on quality or performance by providing value in a cost effective package.  Added to the value of the SDC-415, this Samsung camera delivers 530 TV lines of resolution with day and night features and the unique Samsung Super Noise Reduction technology (SSNR) for some of the highest quality images in low light settings.  Other performance-enhancing features include intelligent motion detection, privacy masking, and on-screen display menu (OSD).



Lens is not included with the camera, accepts C/CS mount lens


High Resolution Imaging

The SDC-415 utilizes the power of a 1/3 inch Sony Super HAD color CCD image pick-up device to produce a high resolution image.  With the 1/3 inch CCD, this Samsung camera displays 530 TV lines worth of resolution which will provide high quality imaging for nearly all surveillance video applications.  For increased flexibility with high resolution imaging, the SDC-415 allows for different viewing angles with the addition of an optional lens.  The addition of a C/CS mounted lens can change the view from a wide angle to more a telephoto view.


Day & Night Capability

Functions such as Day & Night Capabilities refer to the ability of the camera to adjust to situations of low lighting.  In such situations, it is best to use a camera such as the SDC-415 with its day and night function that switches the camera to monochrome mode offering great light sensitivity for video capturing.


SSNR Samsung Super Digital Noise Reduction

Utilizing SSNR technology, the SDC-415 can generate crystal clear images by eliminating the noise common associated with video at low light settings.  The SSNR utilizes the both an adaptive 2D filter and 3D filter to reduce the noise in a scene.  An adaptive 2D filter reduces the noise of moving parts and an adaptive 3D filter reduces the noise of fixed parts. With both filters in uses, Samsung's SSNR technology greatly removes noise (Fixed Pattern, Random, etc.) and reduces motion bur.


Privacy Masking

Privacy when involving security surveillance camera might sound strange, but there are times when the owner wishes to block, or mask, an area they do not want seen due to irrelevancy to the scene or for privacy invasion protection. During these types of applications, the privacy masking function allows the user to cover an area from viewing with a programmable mask.


Motion Detection

For motion detection, the SDC-415 uses consecutive frames of a scene and analyzes the scene for any changes between each frame to detect the motion. The sensitivity of the motion for the motion detection function can be custom programmed by the user. When motion occurs in the scene, this Samsung camera will notify the users by displaying "MOTION DETECTED" on the screen in which the motion occurred.


OSD On-Screen Display

The On-Screen Display menu allows the user to optimize the camera setting with a visual display on the monitor. Using an OSD offers easy and quick installation and setup of your security surveillance systems.

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Q&A for the Samsung SDC-415
Question :
Can i connect this camera with coax directly to my tv?
Answer    :
You can connect to your TV with RCA to BNC adaptor to a video in on your TV. You also will need a power supply for the camera.

By: christopher christopher ()
Date Added: Tuesday 26 June, 2007
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:
I have 6 of these; they are excellent cameras. I would recommend this to anyone.

Great camera

By: Guy (Canada)
Date Added: Thursday 07 June, 2007
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:
Experience: I currently use it.
This is a great great great camera. I just bought this one and the "Surveilux SVS-C45" and I compared them. The only advantage on the Surveillux is the auto filter for LED light. But with the Samsung, you dont need it since it can see with as little of 0.002 lux. It sees things that you dont even see with your eyes and this... without the need of LED (which in my opinion is not so good as the LEDs only light up the middle of the image anyhow). The image is clear and the colors are real. With all the on screen settings, you can adjust this camera to your own need. The noise suppression is amazing. The backdraw... You must have a software to rotate the image if you intend to install it on the cealling. The Surveillux can be installed both side (upside down and right side up).

By: Bobby ()
Date Added: Monday 15 May, 2006
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:
This is truly an amazing product! With its motion detection, and high resolution in color, it really is your money's worth!