Samsung SPC-6000

System Control Keyboard

2 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • 5" TFT touch LCD
  • Control PTZ dome cameras, DVRs and matrix switchers
  • Centralized control of up to 255 units with a single controller
  • Connect up to 16 controllers in a system
  • Ergonomic design and easy-to-use keypad
  • 3D joystick to control PTZ function
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The Samsung SPC 6000 System Control Keyboard is a perfect security solution, designed ergonomically for professionals. The keyboard is designed to be used in digital video recorders, PTZ cameras and matrix switchers. The keyboard comes with a built-in 5 inch LCD touch screen. The screen is made in TFT to improve image attributes like addressability and color contrast. This screen is an easy way to point to desired camera location and navigate control features such as video playback and preset control.

The screen display can be chosen from a number of languages. This controller keyboard provides flexibility and can be used in conjunction with 16 additional SPC-6000. Detachable 3D joystick and jog shuttle allow free hand movement. The keyboard also features user friendly GUI and multi-protocol characteristic. With a centralized control, up to 255 PTZ domes can be controlled with a single controller.

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