Silent Knight SD505-AHS

Addressable Heat Detector

Addressable Heat Detector, Low profile, 2 inches, Absolute temperature device, CFSM listed, FM approved
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Silent Knight SK-HEAT  
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Honeywell Silent Knight SD505-AHS Addressable Heat Detector


The SD505-AHS is a heat detector suited to virtually any commercial setting. The SD505-AHS is an absolute temperature device. This means that it responds in alarm if the temperature goes above the trip point (programmed at the panel). The SD505-AHS provides accurate temperature measurement data to the fire alarm control panel. This heat detector is particularly suited to environments where smoke detectors cannot be used because of the presence of steam or cooking fumes, such as in a kitchen.




  • Low profile, 2 inches, including base
  • Absolute temperature device
  • Simple and reliable addressing
  • Uses digital communication protocol
  • The SD505-AHS is UL Listed and meets the requirements outlined in NFPA 72 Inspection Testing and Maintenance, Chapter 7.
  • CFSM listed
  • MEA listed
  • FM approved
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