Silent Knight SK-ACCLIMATE

Intelligent Multi-Criteria Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Intelligent Multi-Criteria Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Reliable analog communications, Dual electronic thermistor, Superior EMI resistance, Dual LED indicators, Microprocessor
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Honeywell Silent Knight SK-ACCLIMATE Intelligent Multi-Criteria Photoelectric Smoke Detector


A patented photoelectric sensing chamber and dual thermistor heat detector combine with an array of on-board software tools, to maximize fire detection. Combine all this with the features you've come to expect from Silent Knight smoke detectors easy installation, stable operation, RF/transient protection, and vandal-resistant locking and it adds up to a flexible solution to your fire protection needs.



  • Reliable analog communications for trouble-free operation
  • Dual electronic thermistor design
  • 6 mounting base included
  • Superior EMI resistance for reliability
  • Microprocessor-based design to provide maximum features
  • Simple field cleaning for code compliance
  • 0.025 mesh bug screen to keep unwanted insects out
  • Variety of mounting options to meet any application
  • Dual LED indicators for 360 visibility
  • Detector transmits signal to indicate maintenance is required
  • Detector sensitivity increases in hot fires
  • Transient smoke conditions are ignored
  • Rotary address switches for fast installation
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