Silent Knight SK-ION

Intelligent Ionization Smoke Sensor

Intelligent Ionization Smoke Sensor, Low profile design, 6 Mounting base included, Rotary address switches, Built-in fire test feature, Dual LED indicators
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Honeywell Silent Knight SK-ION Intelligent Ionization Smoke Sensor


Hospitals, industrial environments and other locations where rapid fire development is expected should consider ionization smoke detectors as part of their IntelliKnight detection package. Ionization smoke detectors provide early warning in fast-flaming fires that show little visible smoke. The IntelliKnight panel recognizes each detector by its specific address, so precious seconds are not wasted in determining location of an alarm.




  • Low profile design
  • 6 Mounting base included
  • Rotary address switches
  • Built-in fire test feature
  • Dual LED indicators for 360 visibility
  • Detector transmits signal to indicate maintenance is required
  • Plug-in mounting provides ease of installation
  • Vandal-resistant locking feature
  • Field cleanable
  • Optional remote LED annunciator (PN System Sensor RA100Z)
  • UL listed, meets NFPA 72
  • CSFM listed
  • MEA
  • FM approved
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