Sony SSC-G213A

Sony Box Camera

2 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:



  • 650 TV Lines Resolution
  • High Sensitivity
  • True Day/Night Function
  • ATR-Lite (Adaptive Tone Reproduction)
  • Automatic Tracing White Balance
  • AC24V/DC12V Operation
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Keep a clear eye on your surroundings and insure your security with the 650 high resolution TV lines of the Sony SSC-G213A box camera. With its high definition it is apt for any outdoor surveillance application. Due to its high sensitivity plus its day and night function you are bound to have a third eye on your surroundings at all times.

State-of –The Art Equipped System
This box camera has a unique feature of Adaptive Tone Reproduction and automatically traces white balance. It utilizes the 1/3" EXview HAD CCD II image sensor as well as an Effio-E digital signal processor. This camera has both 24 volt AC and 12 volt DC power.  This compactly designed camera has a low power consumption of 1.6 W (Max.).

Quality-Assured System
Its Dip SW Control aids in easy mode setting and the ATR-Lite compensates for gradation of subjects to an optimum level. The IBLC feature of this camera compensates for exposure levels in dark scenes to help improve subject visibility. The user can also select internal lock and line lock in this box camera .This surveillance camera also employs 2D noise reduction.

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