Speco Technologies CVC320WP

Waterproof Camera with 8 IR LEDs Cable

90 D
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • 3.6mm wide angle lens
  • Nitrogen filled housing protects internal components
  • Clip-on sunshield and mounting bracket included
  • RoHS compliant
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Ask a Question  about the Speco Technologies CVC320WP Waterproof Camera with 8 IR LEDs Cable
Waterproof Camera with 8 IR LEDs Cable 3.6mm Wide Angle Lens
The Speco Technologies CVC320WP is a complete waterproof camera with underwater operation capabilities. It is designed to work efficiently up to a maximum depth of 90’ underwater. Being a complete waterproof camera does not affect its performance though. It is equipped with a wide angle fixed lens to capture clear black/white images.

Its nitrogen filled housing protects internal components and makes it completely safe from any water damage. With 3.6 mm wide angle lens and 1/3” BW CCD sensor, it captures high quality black/white images in up to 420 TV lines of resolution.

This camera also has day/night feature and due to its professional quality sensor and 8 IR LEDs, it can capture clear images in minimum illumination of 0.2 lux with IR off and in 0 lux with IR on. Also, the IR range of 33’ enables it to capture images at a distance in darkness and thus making it an excellent night vision camera too.

This model comes in black brass housing and has a 60’ cable (included). It also has a clip-on sunshield to prevent images from interference and washing out due to excessive light. A mounting bracket is included to mount it on wall or ceilings. This bullet camera is RoHS compliant and is free from any harmful material for environment.




CVC320WP Waterproof Camera with 8 IR LEDs Cable Features:


  • 3.6mm wide angle lens
  • Completely waterproof with underwater operation capabilities to a maximum depth of 90'
  • Nitrogen filled housing protects internal components
  • Available in black or white housings (60' cable included with black model and 3' cable included with white model)
  • Clip-on sunshield and mounting bracket included
  • RoHS compliant