Speco Technologies CVC5945DNVW

IR Series White Color D/N Dome/Turret Cameras 5-50mm Lens

90 D
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Product Features:

  • 5-50mm auto iris varifocal lens
  • 1/3" Sony Super HAD II™ CCD
  • 600 lines of resolution
  • 0.000006 lux (IR LEDs on)
  • Intense-IR Function - no saturation, vivid image
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CNB Technology LDM-20S  
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Vitek VTD-MVP2810/L35/B  
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Vitek VTD-MVP922/L35/B  
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Vitek VTD-MVP1850/L35/B  
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Speco Technologies CVC5300DPVF  
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Speco Technologies HTD8SCSW  
Speco Technologies CVC5945DNV  
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CNB Technology LCP-54VFH  
KT&C KNC-p3DR28V12IR  
CNB Technology LCF-44VF  
ACTi D71A  
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Ask a Question  about the Speco Technologies CVC5945DNVW IR Series White Color D/N Dome/Turret Cameras 5-50mm Lens

The Speco Technologies CVC5945DNVW dome/turret camera comes in a white housing and has very efficient day/night feature. It has a superb zoom lens with auto iris and can zoom into details of the object of interest.


5-50mm auto iris varifocal lens offers a zoom with great details and 1/3” Sony Super HAD II™ CCD sensor delivers 600 TV lines of resolution. A surveillance or monitoring camera needs to be efficient enough to capture details so that the footages can be used in future for identification and nothing goes unsupervised, at any time of the day or in any climatic condition.


This dome/turret camera is easy to reposition in desired orientation, and has excellent day/night and weather proof features. It captures quality images with vivid details and minimum satureation even in low light conditions, and is tested to work in low illumination as low as 0.000006 lux (with IR LEDs on). 42 IR LEDs provide night vision and recording for a range of up to 90' depending upon the scene reflection.


The camera has 3DNR digital noise reduction function. The 3DNR delivers sharp image free from noise. Not only does 3D DNR handle the traditional frame-to-frame noise reduction, but it also incorporates spatial noise reduction. It has full OSD or on-screen display operation which eliminates the need for an extra screen for viewing camera functions and status.


3-axis wall or ceiling mount helps secure the camera in any desired orientation to a wall or ceiling. Weather resistant operation with IP66 compliant design offers protection against any or all dust ingress, water resistance up to high pressure streams or jets of water, thus making it to be functional in adverse conditions. It also incorporates advanced camera features like white balance, wide dynamic ratio and privacy zone masking.



IR Series White Color D/N Dome/Turret Cameras 5-50mm Lens Features:


  • 5-50mm auto iris varifocal lens
  • 1/3" Sony Super HAD II™ CCD
  • 600 lines of resolution
  • 0.000006 lux (IR LEDs on)
  • Intense-IR Function - no saturation, vivid image
  • 3DNR (sense-up) - sharp image under ultra low light level
  • IR range up to 90'
  • Full OSD operation
  • 3-axis wall or ceiling mount
  • Weather resistant
  • IP66 compliant
  • 12VDC / 24VAC dual voltage operation
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