Speco Technologies CVC648IRHQ

High Resolution Indoor Dome IR Camera

90 D
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • 3.6mm lens
  • 650 TV lines of resolution
  • Used for indoor applications
  • Full OSD operation
  • IR cut filter
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The Speco Technologies CVC648IRHQ is an indoor dome camera with IR LEDs to facilitate night vision capabilities. This camera has a day/night function with special shielding to eliminate IR reflections. Used for indoor applications, this dome camera covers a full spectrum of possible lighting situations ranging from bright light to no light.

22 IR LEDs offer an IR range of up to 65 feet depending on scene reflection. The special sheilding prevents IR reflections to be incident on the camera sensor thus eliminating the possibility of noise in image due to IR reflections. A high quality and professional image sensor, 1/3" color CCD sensor offers 650 TV lines of resolution. With this high resolution output, the images delivered are clear with vivid details.

This dome camera can be easily mounted to a wall or ceiling with the included mounting bracket. Eliminating the need for an extra display device to display camera functions and status, the full OSD operation enables this camera to overlay this information with the real time images on the monitoring screen. An IR cut filter reflects or blocks mid-infrared wavelengths while passing visible light. The camera captures color images with IR cut filters off and for low light conditions, the filter can be turned on. This filter allows infrared light to pass through it and block visible and ultraviolet light, thus improving the performance during night when IR LEDs are on.

With privacy masking of up to 8 zones, motion detection function (4 zone), mirror function and backlight compensation, it is thoughtfully engineered to provide the best performance around the clock. In a high impact ABS housing, this camera protects internal components from physical impacts. With an operating temperature range of 14 Degree F ‒ 122 Degree F, it is ideal for installation indoors in any climatic condition. This dome camera comes with wall mount bracket, UL approved power supply, BNC test lead and installation hardware included.




CVC648IRHQ High Resolution Indoor Dome IR Camera Features:


  • 3.6mm lens
  • Day/night camera with special shielding to eliminate IR reflections
  • 650 TV lines of resolution
  • Used for indoor applications
  • Full OSD operation
  • IR cut filter
  • Covers a full spectrum of possible lighting situations; ranging from bright light to no light
  • This dome camera can be wall or ceiling mounted with the included mounting bracket
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