Speco Technologies HT648H

960H 700 TVL Indoor IR Dome Camera with 4mm Lens Black

90 D
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • 4mm fixed lens
  • 1/3" 960H color CCD
  • 700 TV lines of resolution
  • 28 IR LEDs
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Ask a Question  about the Speco Technologies HT648H 960H 700 TVL Indoor IR Dome Camera with 4mm Lens Black

Surveillance is no more a challenge when this Indoor IR Dome Camera is installed at your place. This camera is configured with a 4mm, fixed lens that is encapsulated inside the Chameleon body. The camera is an ideal solution for surveillance at night, thanks to 28-IR LEDs that assist night vision. Moreover, the camera has the highest resolution of 960H that facilitates high-quality footage with smart zoom feature. The smart zoom allows user to obtain a close view without having the pixels destroyed.

You can have this camera painted in any color of your choice to make it go perfect with your interiors. The 700 TV lines of resolution produce the most vivid picture that any other camera of this league could ever do. Incorporated with digital noise reduction, the camera keeps a check on stray noise and prevents the quality of the image from getting affected. Also, it has a De-fog look through that makes way through the dense fog in order to obtain picture with optimum clarity.

The image stabilizer is one of the main highlights about this camera. This feature eliminates the blur effect from the images and gives resolutely clear pictures. The Digital Wide Dynamic Range allows maximum coverage that makes up for the inefficacy of fixed lens. The camera provides full OSD operation that takes care of the user’s convenience by facilitating view on multiple screens.

This high-end camera operates at any of the 24AC or 12DC voltage –offering better convenience. You can deploy this versatile camera on any kind of power supply. The casing of this camera has been done in a quality material that doesn’t let dust or moisture to persist on the surface. This surveillance camera comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.



HT648H 960H 700 TVL Indoor IR Dome Camera with 4mm Lens Black Features:


  • 4mm fixed lens
  • 1/3" 960H color CCD
  • 700 TV lines of resolution
  • 28 IR LEDs
  • Chameleon Cover™: snaps on and can be painted to match any
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