Speco Technologies HTSD37X

Indoor/Outdoor D/N Motorized Speed PTZ Dome Camera - White

90 D
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • 600 TV lines of resolution
  • Various surveillance functions
  • True Day/Night Operation: ICR filter
  • Intelligent pan/tilt controlling: continually decreases pan and tilt speeds in proportion to zoom
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Ask a Question  about the Speco Technologies HTSD37X Indoor/Outdoor D/N Motorized Speed PTZ Dome Camera - White

This Motorized Speed Dome Camera has got everything that you need for an efficient surveillance. It has 3.5mm to 129.5mm, Varifocal lens that offers 37x optical zoom with 16x digital zoom. The functionality gets even better with the 1/4” interline transfer CCD sensors. The 600 lines of resolution it offers, is enough to define every minute detail about the object in the captured video.

Optimized Surveillance Camera

This camera features endless rotation about its axis, and thus can be rotated through 360º as many times as required. The camera features full OSD operation that means you can have access to your footages in different, user-friendly ways. You can select from multiple languages accordingly, for the on-screen menu. Whether it’s day or night, this camera is bound to generate clear images with a higher degree of decipherability.

Surveillance Dome Camera Features

This camera performs smart operations like continuous pan/tilt controlling, which conducts surveillance in a better way. The tilt/pan features work in harmony with the zooming; the speed of panning and tilting varies according to the zoom. Infused with modern technology, this camera manages to operate on both AC and DC power supplies. The power rating for DC is 12V while, 24V for AC. You can install this camera without worrying about the unintentional damage for its’ housing is made of Die-cast, vandal-proof material.



HTSD37X Indoor/Outdoor D/N Motorized Speed PTZ Dome Camera - White Features:


  • 3.5 - 129.5mm, 37x optical zoom with 16x digital zoom lens
  • 1/4" interline transfer CCD
  • 600 TV lines of resolution
  • 37x optical zoom with 16x digital zoom
  • 360° endless rotation
  • Various surveillance functions
  • True Day/Night Operation: ICR filter
  • Intelligent pan/tilt controlling: continually decreases pan and tilt speeds in proportion to zoom
  • Weather resistant operation
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