Speco Technologies WDRT6

Wide Dynamic Rang Traditional Camera

90 D
Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • High quality image even in low light conditions
  • Sharpest quality analog image
  • 12VDC / 24VAC dual voltage operation
  • Accepts C or CS lenses
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The Speco Technologies WDRT6 is a traditional surveillance camera with lens mount to incorporate optional C and CS type lenses. With wide dynamic range, the camera never fails to provide the best possible reproduction of the coverage area. Pixim’s revolutionary Digital Pixel System® technology makes this camera capable of delivering clear and sharp images that accurately capture every aspect. The weather resistant construction of this bullet camera enables it to offer uninterrupted performance on the outdoors and indoors.

Customizable optics

Attach any C mount or CS mount lens of your choice that suits your requirements. The ultra-wide dynamic range imaging of Pixim’s DPS sensor can accurately capture all critical details in any lighting condition or scene including highlights, shadows without compromising with image quality or color accuracy. The 1/3” Pixim® Seawolf DPS sensor offers 690 TV lines of resolution.

Built for effective surveillance 

The famed Pixim Seawolf sensor processes each pixel independently for an improved image. With such professional grade sensor, the camera continues to record sharp footage even during night time. The camera is functional in low light conditions up to the minimum illumination of 0.1 lux with sense up on at x64 and 0 lux with IR LED.

Multiple installation options:

Mount this bullet camera indoor/outdoor with ease using various wall and ceiling mounts, encased inside optional brackets (sold separately). The bracket comes in two variants; one with housing and bracket only, while other comes with heater, blower, housing and bracket. The housing protects the inner components from elements and physical abuse.



WDRT6 Wide Dynamic Rang Traditional Camera Features:


  • Accepts C & CS type lenses
  • Newest WDR technology allows for improved image quality in scenes consisting of both bright and dark areas
  • Each pixel processed independently for improved image
  • High quality image even in low light conditions
  • Sharpest quality analog image
  • 12VDC / 24VAC dual voltage operation
  • Accepts C or CS lenses