Tatung TLM-2001PVM

PV Monitor

1 Yr
Warranty Included
  • 20.1 Public View Monitor System
  • 1/3" DPS (Digital Pixel System)
  • 480 TVL of resolution (for the included camera)
  • TFT type LCD Monitor
  • 2 x Video BNC with loop thru
  • 1 x Internal camera (480 TV Line DSP)
  • Wide Dynamic Range Color Camera with
  • 4-9mm varifocal lens
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This 20-inch personal view monitor from Tatung is designed to let potential thieves know that the premise is protected by CCTV at a glance. Perfect for retail environments that want a very visible theft deterrent measure in addition to a monitor to display sales or product information. The Tatung TLM-2001PVM can be equipped with a ceiling mounted pole, or can be hung on a wall with a mounting bracket (both sold separately). 


While most PVMs are no more than two seperate components rigged together, the Tatung TLM-2001PVM has an integrated (and not easily noticed) WDR camera. All the standard features that might be needed are here: 1 BNC input/3 BNC outputs, motion detection for power saving, 3d comb filter, DNR, PIP, VOV and much more! See specifications tab for full details on features. 

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