VLB DQ-18-18-5

DVR Lockbox with Fan

Product Features:
• Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Steel
• Locking Front Door
• Cam Lock with 2 Keys
• Durable Powdered Coat Finish
• Easy Access Removable Lid
• Fit Unit in 18" W x 18" L x 5" H
• Rubber Bumpers for Scratch Protection

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The VLB DQ 18-18-5 is a lockable metal box for safely storing a DVR.  It provides an additional layer of physical security against tampering and theft of a recording device. The unit can be bolted down to any surface or combined with a mount to be positioned on a wall.  The box is made of black matte steel and it will blend in seamlessly with other electronics.  The size listed is for the outside dimensions, not the internal measurements.


Please choose a lockbox with enough extra room for the DVR recorder and the cabling that will be going into it.  Also, during installation make sure the fans have enough clearance from the wall to allow air flow. 



  • Includes AC fan 2/power cord
  • Washable filter
  • 16 gauge steel
  • Locking front door
  • Cam lock with 2 keys
  • Durable powdercoat finish
  • Knock-outs for cable passes
  • Removable lid provides easy access
  • Surface mount through holes
  • Rubber bumpers to protect from scratching desk
  • Holds one DVR
  • For low profile DVRs: 18" W X 18" L X 4.75" H
  • Optional Horizontal Mounting Brackets Available, Hardwire Included
  • The Horizontal Bracket can be mounted in two different ways (See Specifications)
  • Boxes are not pre drilled for the Brackets
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