VLB DQ-21-24-13

VCR/DVR Lockbox with Fan

Product Features:
• Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Steel
• Locking Front Door
• Cam Lock with 2 Keys
• Durable Powdered Coat Finish
• Easy Access Removable Lid
• Fit Unit in 21" W x 24" L x 13" H
• Rubber Bumpers for Scratch Protection

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2MCCTV 2M-18-18-5  
VLB DQ-21-21-8  
VLB DQ-21-24-8  
VLB DQ-18-18-5  
Pelco LB2000 Lockbox  
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This tall DQ-21-24-13 lockbox from DVRLockbox is designed to accommodate some of the taller DVR recorders that you can find in the market. Most of the taller DVRs come in 16 and 32 channel configurations. The DQ-21-24-13 could also be used to secure two smaller DVRs stacked on top of each other.


When dealing with computerized devices such as DVRs, it is a good idea to keep them operating at the recommended temperatures. This lockbox maintains an optimum operating temperature by employing two cooling fans and ventilated side panels to keep air circulating throughout the device housed inside the lockbox. The components inside the DVR produce some heat and could cause the device to overheat. The fans neutralize this. Keeping the DVR at a good temperature will allow the digital recorder to last longer.

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