Veilux 2MK-9616DIR1TB

Veilux 2MK-9616DIR1TB

3 Yr
Warranty Included
  • Outdoor Dome IR 16 Channel Box Camera Standalone System
  • 960H Resolution
  • Hi Res Infrared Bullets
  • Vandal Proof Infrared Domes
  • CCTV Central Power Supply
  • 1000 feet of CCTV Cable
  • FREE 19" LCD CCTV Monitor
  • 1TB
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Price : $4,050.60
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This surveillance system is ideal for outdoor installation. It comprises a 16-Channel Box Camera Standalone System. It is capable of receiving signal from different sources over 16 channels. This surveillance system offers greater bandwidth, and hence, faster operation.

Dome Camera Features

The system consists of a Dome Camera that offers 960H resolution for clear footages. The camera is Infrared enabled, thus ably conducts surveillance during night. The camera is housed in a vandal proof dome that protects the sensitive circuitry and other components like lens mount etc.

Progressive Surveillance Technology at Work

This surveillance system consists of various components, each operating at a specified voltage. The required voltage level is to be maintained for an efficient performance. This surveillance system is provided with a CCTV Central Power Supply that regulates the voltage supply for respective modules. You need to worry about assembling devices over the network. This system comes with a 1000 feet cable that is sufficient for making connections.

Best in Outdoor Surveillance

Viewing the CCTV footage holds much importance in a surveillance activity. The footage so generated should be displayed clear and decipherable, and it is of no use, otherwise. This high-end surveillance system is provided with a 19” LCD that adds to the performance. This LCD is compatible for OSD operations. In addition, the parameters of picture quality can be adjusted according to your comfort. The brightness, contrast, sharpness etc. can be adjusted to achieve clearest of the picture. For storing high-quality videos, it takes a large memory space, which is why this surveillance system comes configured with 1TB memory drive. You will never face dearth in memory space for your high-definition footages.

1 Year Extended Warranty
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