Veilux SVEX-1301

Veilux SVEX-1301

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:
- 480 TV Lines Resolution
- Double Certifications
- Stainless Steel Material
- 18x Optical Zoom Lens
- Housing, Pan/Tilt, Decoder Integrated
- Multiple Protocol
- IP68 Rated Protection
- For All Weather Use

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If your security and surveillance needs include monitoring extreme, flammable, and explosive environments, the Velix SVEX-1301 was built for your environment. The double-certified 304, or optional 316L, stainless steel housing is IP68 rated for all weather use and is heat/explosion resistant. The integrated-structure design allows the cable to run from the camera to an output at the base of the housing and prevents the housing from impinging on the camera PTZ operations. Base and bracket installation options allow for 360 degree continuous pan rotation and +90 degree ~.90 degree tilt camera operations.


The SVEX-1301 explosion proof integrated SONY camera features 480 TV lines resolution and a high performance 18x optical zoom lens. The color camera and the decoder are integrated within the housing, which permits multiple communication response protocols, depending on orders. It offers 128 preset options including pan/tilt and focus. The camera is equipped with sun shield and wiper, with an auto-heat option for outdoor monitoring. 




  • Double Certifications
  • 304 or 316L Stainless Steel Material
  • Stand Installation
  • Housing, Pan/Tilt, Decoder Integrated
  • All Kinds of Camera Optional
  • Multiple Protocols
  • 360˚ Continuous Pan Rotation
  • +90˚ ~ -90˚ Tilt Turning
  • IP-68 Weather Proof Rating
  • Indoor and Outdoor For All Weather Use
  • Bracket or Base Installation
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