Veilux SVEX-151

15 Inch Explosionproof Monitor

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:
• Used in Explosion Proof Area
• Quality LCD Display
• Composite Video Signal Input
• Small & Easy Design
• Adjustable Viewing Angle
• IP65 Rated Protection
• Indoor & Outdoor Installation

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The Veilux SVEX-151 offers a 15 inch flat panel TFT LCD viewing screen inside an explosion proof housing. As part of Veilux’s line of explosion proof security products, the SVEX-151 is an excellent complement to complete your explosion proof surveillance system. The LCD display itself features 1024x768 resolutions at 60Hz, 550:1 contrast ratio, an 8ms response rate, and supports both NTSC and PAL standards.


Encasing the LCD display is an explosion proof housing that is made of solid steel construction tightly sealing the components inside and keeping any sort of electrical spark from occurring outside the monitor. This monitor can be used for indoor or outdoor surveillance environments with an IP65 waterproof rating. The stand for the monitor allows for quick and easy adjustment for the perfect viewing angle.

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