Veilux SVEX-171

17" Explosion Proof Surveillance Monitor

3 Yr
Warranty Included
• 17" Explosion Proof Video Surveillance Monitor
• 17" Flat Panel Display
• Composite Video Input
• Plane Board Design
• IP65 Rated Protection
• Small & Easy Design
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Historically CCTV security and surveillance monitors have been stored safely away in control and computer rooms, which is not always where we need them to be. Until now, they have been incompatible with the flammable, explosive, and extreme environmental conditions where they are sometimes necessary. The Veilux SVEX-171 explosion-proof video surveillance monitor is built into a stainless steel, IP65-rated housing that is flame- and weather-resistant, and rated for indoor and outdoor installations.


This high-performance LCD flat-panel monitor offers 1024 x 768 resolution, which is sharp enough to render crisp and clear moving images. It meets European Directive and Standards for electrical apparatus in explosive atmospheres, in explosive dust, and for limiting enclosure and surface temperatures. This Veilux monitor offers a flexible composite video input and convenient joint video- and power-out cable. The plane-board design reduces the monitor’s footprint and makes it easy to transport. 2MCCTV guarantees this monitor for two years.






  • 17 Flat Panel Display
  • Used In Ex-proof Area For Monitoring
  • Quality LCD Display
  • Composite Video Signal Input
  • Plane Board Design For Much Space
  • Small & Easy Design For Easy Transportation
  • To Adjust Watching Angle
  • IP65 Rated
  • Indoor & Outdoor Installation
  • Avoid Rain Wash
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