Veilux SVEX-6004

Airproof Camera Housing

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:
• Stainless Steel Material
• Tough Steel Glass For Window
• Heater and Sunshield
• Installation For All Weather Use
• IP68 Waterproof Rated

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Protecting your surveillance camera from the harsh elements, the Veilux SVEX-6004 offers superior dust and water protection with an IP68 Ingress Protection (IP) Rating. The IP rating guarantees that the housing has been tested and rated for complete protection against dust intrusion and that the camera housed inside will continue to work up to 1 meter below water. This superior protection reflects the high quality products available from Veilux.


A stainless steel construction contributes to the waterproof protection with tight fitting seals. As well as water protection, the stainless steel material provides a sealant from any corrosive externalities. The SVEX-6004 also comes with a heater/blower and sunshield for various outdoor conditions. An optional wiper is available for this housing to keep the viewing window clean and clear.

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