Veilux SVEX-6004C

Explosion-Proof Cameras

3 Yr
Warranty Included
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • C - For Camera w/ Wiper & Sunshield
  • Optional Auto-Healing (Applied in Great Change Atmospheres)
  • Tough Steel Glass For Window
  • Housing Back w/ 2 or 3 Outlets
  • IP68 Rating
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Explosion-Proof technology is usually employed only when a camera needs to be placed in an area that may be hazardous for some reason. The Veilux SVEX-6004C offers a slew of options that will allow eyes where they might not have been able to be placed before. High-grade stainless steel, IP-68 rated enclosure ensures indoor and outdoor operation are not impacted. For additional environmental protection, a wiper comes equipped

Great Change Atmosphere environments need no longer be unsecured due to possible camera malfunction, or for any other reason. The Veilux SVEX-6004C can work in almost any environment. The housing itself is equipped with 2 or 3 outlets (depending on model), allowing more options for future expansion. Both the Veilux SVEX-6004C and Veilux SVEX-6004A are listed, please call 1-877-926-2288 to determine which model best suites your needs. 
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