Liquid Cooling Dustproof Camera Housing

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:
• Cooling Liquid to Cool Temperature
• Compressed Air Keeps Viewing Window Clear
• Tempered Glass Viewing Window
• Stainless Steel Material
• Houses Fixed or Zoom Lens Camera
• 2 Cable Outlets At The Rear Of Housing
• Indoor & Outdoor Mounting For All Weather
• IP66 Weatherproof Rating

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Built for extreme environments, the Veilux SVEX-HSF provides a heavy duty dust-proof outdoor security camera housing with an IP66 rating. The SVEX-HSF uses a stainless steel 304 material and a tempered glass viewing window for a tight sealing construction protecting the surveillance camera inside from dust and foreign objects. This explosion proof camera housing will fit a fixed zoom camera or a box security camera with a zoom CCTV lens. Designed into the housing is a drawer to easily maintain the camera.


To maintain an ideal operating temperature, the Veilux housing utilizes a water cooling system for high temperature environments. The water cooling system uses one of the tubes connecting to the housing to bring cooling water in and wisp away heat from the camera. Along with the water cooling system, this housing also employs an air pressure pump to help keep the inside of the housing clean and debris-free.


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Q&A for the Veilux SVEX-HSF
Question :
Hello, what is temperature range for that casing and what are inner cylinder dimensions? Thanks
Answer    :
This housing operates in temperatures up to 250ºC. It's inner dimensions are 260mm(L) X 90mm(H) X 70mm(W).