Veilux SVEX-M1

Explosionproof Housing Bracket

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:
• Stainless Steel
• Indoor & Outdoor Use
• Easy Installation & Maintenance

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The Veilux SVEX-M1 is designed to work perfectly with Veilux’s Explosion Proof Series housing units. This security camera mount is constructed with stainless steel materials to keep it looking clean and sharp.  It is made to mount the camera housing securely to any wall. With the camera inside, the SVEX-M1 can support housings with a total weight of less than 110lbs. Since most cameras and camera housings will general weigh less than 50lbs combined, this heavy duty mount can easily support most of the housings out in the market.


This mount offers easy installation and maintenance that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surveillance applications.  The SVEX-M1 is an essential component for such Veilux housings like the SVEX-6004 and the SVEX-HSF.

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