Veilux VD-70IR30V

High Resolution IR Dome Camera

3 Yr
Warranty Included



Product Features:
• High Resolution 700 TV Lines
• Varifocal Lens
• 30 Infrared IR LEDs
• Wide Dynamic Range


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Veilux VD-70IR30V
Veilux VD-70IR30V is infrared dome camera that provides a superior resolution of 700 TV lines for indoor video surveillance. It comes with 3 years included warranty. 
Veilux VD-70IR30V has a 1/3” Sony CCD EFFIO-P, 2.8 -12mm varifocal lens. The product from Veilux has EZoom feature and 30 Infrared IR LEDs. It has a wide dynamic range and Back light compensation. Auto White Balance and Digital Image Stabilization are some of its other distinctive features.
Veilux VD-70IR30V requires a minimum illumination of 0.000001 Lux. It can see 35 meters indoors at night. The video output level is 1.0Vp-p/75 Ω. It has an S/N ratio of more than 48 dB (AGC off).It has a privacy mask of 4 windows that is polygonal and in 4 colors. Motion detection feature is also there. It can be operated in the temperature range of 14°F to 131°F. It requires a power supply of 12 VDC.
Physical Features
Veilux VD-70IR30V has a dimension of 5.5” to 4.3” and weight of 0.385 kg. The protection is IP66 rated.
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