Veilux VLPR-54L922D

CCTV License Plate Camera

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:
• 540 TV Lines Resolution
• Built-in Aspherical Varifocal Lens
• Anti-Headlight Function
• Mechanical Visible Light Filter
• External Varifocal Lens Adjustment
• Cable Management Bracket
• IP66 Rated Water Resistant

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Ask a Question  about the Veilux VLPR-54L922D CCTV License Plate Camera

The Veilux VLPR-54L922D CCTV license plate camera offers a professional solution for capturing car license plates. For clear recognizable images of license plates, the Veilux license capture camera employs the Anti-Headlight feature which reduces the amount of light emitted from the vehicle to capture the license plate image. Along with the Anti-Headlight feature, Mechanical Visible Light Filter, DNR Digital Noise Reduction, and Sense Up features allows this license plate camera to capture high quality color images with the presence of light. Powered by Sony Super HAD CCD II and Sony HQ1 DSP, the LPR camera delivers a high resolution of 540 TV lines. This license plate capture camera also includes features such as external varifocal lens adjustment, 3-axis bracket, and cable management bracket for ease of installation.



Anti-Headlight Function

With the Anti-Headlight function, Veilux uses the advanced feature to help maintain a clear readable image of the license plate even with presence of a strong beam of light. Anti-Headlight technology reduces the glare from strong headlights and enhances the license image for more readable license plates.


Mechanical Visible Light Filter

Utilizing a mechanical visible light filter, the license plate camera switches from black and white mode to color mode for clear quality images. The function works by detecting the presence of light sources such as from car headlights and switch to color mode for better images of the vehicles.


External Varifocal Lens Adjustment

To help maintain crispy clear images, the VLPR-54L922D camera features external varifocal lens adjustment ability to quickly refocus and maintain the camera. With this feature, the user can quickly refocus without the hassle of opening/closing the camera.


Ease of Installation

For ease of installation, this LPR camera offers a 3-axis adjustable and cable managed bracket to support the camera. The 3-axis adjustability allows the user to quickly position the camera for optimum viewing. Cable management provides better looking installation without the clutter from complex wiring.

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