Veilux VRHD-8-4SDI

Eight Channel High Definition Standalone DVR

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:


  •  Eight Channel High Defintion Standalone DVR
  • 1080p/720p Selectable Recording Resolution 
  • H.264 Video Compression
  • 4 Audio Inputs
  • Auto Email Notification
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2M Technology 2MT-7108  
2M Technology 2MT-7008  
Veilux VR-TVI-8S  
Vitek VT-SRE908/1T  
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Vitek VT-SRE908/2T  
Vitek VT-SRE908/4T  
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Vitek VT-CX840/500  
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Vitek VT-HDOC8/1T  
2MCCTV Imports 2M08-HDSDI30  
Vitek VT-SRE908/8T  
Vitek VT-HDOC8/2T  
Vitek VT-CX840/1T  
Vitek VT-SRP908/4T  
2M Technology 2M-HCV7408L  
Vitek VT-SRP908/6T  
Vitek VT-CX840/2T  
Vitek VT-HDOC8/4T  
Vitek VT-SRP908/8T  
Vitek VT-CX840/4T  
Vitek VT-SRE908/12T  
Vitek VT-HDOC8/6T  
Vitek VT-HDOC8/8T  
Vitek VT-SRP908/10T  
Vitek VT-CX840/6T  
Vitek VT-SRP908/12T  
Vitek VT-SRP908/15T  
Vitek VT-SRP908/20T  
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Ask a Question  about the Veilux VRHD-8-4SDI Eight Channel High Definition Standalone DVR

Veilux ventures into the realm of HD with the VRHD-8-4SDI eight channel standalone digital video recorder (DVR) with four analog and four high definition HD-SDI camera inputs.  With analog and HD-SDI inputs, this Veilux recorder allows the user flexibility to keep existing cameras and utilize newer hdcctv cameras for high definition footage.  Using the HD-SDI inputs, the high definition DVR can display full HD 1080p resolution for high quality detail video surveillance.

High Definition Resolution
With this high definition DVR, the user experiences the full capability of HD for video surveillance.  The Veilux recorder utilizes 8 HD-SDI inputs to accept HD quality video streams and a HDMI to display full HD 1080p video.  Not only can this DVR display HD resolution, but the digital recorder can also record high definition pictures of 1080p.

H.264 Compression
The advanced H.264 video compression is an efficient video compression which uses advantages to storage capacity and computing resources.  Since the compression is more efficient, the digital recorder can store more days of video using the same storage space as previous DVR models using MPEG4.

Auto Emailing Notification
There is time when a robbery, theft, or other events occur when one is not at the vicinity of the security system.  This Veilux DVR offers the ability to keep the user informed with email notification set for event occurrence.  So an event occurs, the system will automatically alert the user with an email notification with information of the event which triggered the DVR.

Smart Phone Viewer
Another feature which helps the user to keep track of their premise is the ability to remote view through mobile smart phones.  Through a smart phone viewer, the user can monitor the same cameras as if they where there and the camera can be viewed from virtually anywhere.

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