VideoComm DT-900

Wireless PTZ Data Transmitter

1 Yr
Warranty Included


  • VideoComm DT-900 Wireless Digital PTZ Data Transmitter,  All-Weather and ready to mount, 
  • License Free Range up to 7 Miles, 
  • Includes CD-ROM Programming Software, 
  • Compatible with most PTZ Camera Systems and other data sources
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When running cables is just not an option, you still have the capability to setup surveillance.  With the VideoComm DT-900 wireless device, users no longer have to worry about trenching to lay underground cable, or worry about having to replace cable down the road.  This 900 MHz digital PTZ data radio transmits images from your cameras license free and can be used in any weather condition.  It will arrive ready to mount with the included universal wall/pole mount. 


If you have a large area to secure, this wireless device can transmit up to seven miles.  It also has the ability to transmit through walls making it an ideal choice for anyone not wanting to run yards of cable.  In addition, you will receive a CD to program everything and operating instructions to make sure setup is a snap.  This system is compatible with the majority of PTZ systems.  The system also includes a one year warranty.




  • All-Weather and ready to mount.
  • License Free Range up to 7 Miles.
  • Includes CD-ROM Programming Software.
  • Compatible with most PTZ Camera Systems and other data sources.
  • RS-422, RS-485, or RS-232 Compatible.
  • Excellent penetration properties through walls.
  • Convenient Signal Strength Indicator.
  • Point to Point or Point to Multi-Point capabilities.
  • Single or many multiples of PTZ cameras and / or data sources.
  • Data applications include sensors, gauges or alarm systems, gates, parking lots, highways, warehouses, refineries, power stations, robotics, crane and remote equipment control or any other commercial or industrial scenarios.
  • Includes Programming Software & "pole style" mounting brackets.
  • One year limited warranty.
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