Vitek VT-CX1680/500

500GB 16 Channel Premium H.264 Real Time D1 Digital Video Recorder

3 Yr
Warranty Included



  • Highly efficient H.264 compression
  • Real-time D1 recording and playback
  • HDMI Output with 1920x 1080 Resolution
  • Multi-Resolution recording
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Ask a Question  about the Vitek VT-CX1680/500 500GB 16 Channel Premium H.264 Real Time D1 Digital Video Recorder
The Vitek VT-CX1680/500 Chrono-X series Digital Video Recorder features 16 input channels for connecting multiple cameras at the same time. With highly efficient H.264 compression technology, the videos are compressed in a way that they are not affected in quality to save valuable bandwidth. HDMI video outputs are delivered in 1920 x 1080 resolution and the DVR supports live recording and playback in D1 resolution. Multi-resolution recording gives the user to choose the desired resolution depending on the need and to save space. The Vitek VT-CX1680/500 has two-way audio with individual audio input for each video input.
The Vitek VT-CX1680/500 features 500GB internal hard drive and built-in DVD-RW for storing recorded videos. The data redundancy feature saves data in a buffer storage memory, which is secure even when the hard drive crashes. With the Central Management Software, the cameras can be monitored from anywhere. A free application is available for iPhone and Android devices to make suitable for monitoring. The Vitek VT-CX1680/500 has a user-friendly interface and simple system setup wizard that makes it easy to install and operate.




  • Highly efficient H.264 compression
  • Built-in Data Redundancy
  • Real-time D1 recording and playback
  • HDMI Output with 1920x 1080 Resolution
  • Remote Control of additional Chrono--X DVRs locally without the use of a remote PC
  • System Setup Wizard and User Friendly GUI
  • Multi-Resolution recording
  • 4 Selectable Spot Outputs with Sequence and event Pop-up
  • Built-in Point-of-Sales support for multiple registers or ATMs
  • Web Client & CMS (Central Management Software) Included
  • Free iPhone and Android Apps
  • Built-in DVD-RW
  • Two Way Audio with Individual Audio Input for each Video Input