Vitek VT-DHP-SRL4/1T

4ch Hi Res Digital CCSP w/H.264 1TB 960H DVR

3 Yr
Warranty Included



  • 4 Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder, 500GB to 2TB HDD, 
  • Remote Viewing with iPhone & Android, 
  • control locally via Front Panel, USB Mouse
  • Included IR Remote control.
List : $1,693.55  
Price : $750.00
Save :  $943.55
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The Vitek VT-DHP-SRL4/1T DVR is ideally made for cameras such as VTC-IRLED24H (520 TVL IR camera) and VTDA4F/ I (620 TVL dome camera). It is a Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP) Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that has 4 channels to connect with multiple cameras for monitoring, recording and managing at the same time. With the H.264 compression technology, the videos are squeezed to occupy low memory space without sacrificing in quality. It records high-quality videos in 960H horizontal resolution for seamless streaming and stores in the 1TB internal storage memory.

The Vitek VT-DHP-SRL4/1T is provided with front panel controls, USB mouse or IR remote control (included) for operating the system locally. It can be remotely monitored from iPhone and Android device with the help of mobile apps. The VT-RG182-50 is a 50 feet long miniature coax cable with BNC connector. VT-12VDC-500-S adapter supplies 12V DC power to the video recorder.



  • System Includes:
  • VT-EHL Series DVR: 4 or 8 Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder, 500GB to 2TB HDD, Remote Viewing with iPhone & Android, control locally via Front Panel, USB Mouse or with the Included IR Remote control.
  • Choice of Cameras: VTC-IRLED24H (520 TV Line Night Vision Weather Resistant IR Camera) and/or VTDA4F/ I (620 TV Line Indoor Color Dome Cameras available in Black or White)
  • 4 - 12VDC Power Supplies (VT-12VDC-500-S)
  • 4 - Miniature Coax with BNC 50’ (VT-RG182-50)
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