Vitek VTD-MP2810WDR

Indoor WDR Mighty Dome 700TVL Camera

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:


  • 700 TVL High Resolution
  • WDR - Wide Dynamic Range
  • Flush or Surface Mount
  • Infinity Ball Mount for Any Viewing Angle
  • UTP Interface Option Available
  • UTC CONTROL - Serial Control over Coax
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The Vitek VTD-MP2810WDR has Pixim D8800C Seawolf Digital Imaging System CMOS as image device. It gives an image of 758(H) x 540(V) pixels with a scan frequency of NTSC - 59.94HZ(V), 15.734K HZ(H) PAL - 50HZ(V), 15.625KHZ(H).

The Vitek VTD-MP2810WDR uses PIXIM Seawolf Wide Dynamic Range DSP to give a clear and crisp in varying light condition. It can be flush or surface mounted. With 0.46 kg and 113*145mm in size it is easy to handle and install.

High Definition Optics
The Vitek VTD-MP2810WDR has Infrared Cut-Filter Removable built-in for day and night.  It has a digital zoom up to 12X. It has a sensitivity of 0.00008Lux at F1.2@40IRE, 32x (DSS+ICR mode). The S/N ratio is more than 52dB with AGC OFF at 50IRE. It has Infinity Ball Mount for any viewing angle.

All Round Protection
The Vitek VTD-MP2810WDR has 4 programmable zones for motion detection and 6 programmable zones for privacy zone. It has a operating range of -20ºC ~ 50ºC. It can be operated through 12VDC / 24VAC 3 Watts / 220 mAmp.

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