ZK Software US100

Biometric Reader

ZK Software US100: Time & Attendance Biometric Reader, Elegant Design w/ Touch Keypad, Rugged ZK Optical Sensor, TCP/IP and USB Port, Fast Processor Speed, Identify up to 5000 Users
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ZK Software US100 Time & Attendance Biometric Reader



The US100 is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader used in Time and Attendance applications.


Users will benefit from its unparalleled performance, ease-of-use, precision and fastest matching speed. The US100 is also priced well-below competing readers in the market.




  • Multi-language support
  • Elegant design with touch keypad
  • Rugged ZK Optical sensor without Coating
  • TCP/IP and USB Port
  • Fast Processor Speed
  • Audio-Visual Indication
  • 4 Lines Black & White Large LCD Display
  • Identify up to 5000 users in less than 2 seconds
  • 50,000 Transaction logs
  • SDK available for software developers
  • ZK standard firmware
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