Fingerprint Access Reader

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e-DATA TLR401: Fingerprint Key Biometric Reader, Supports Read/Write Tech, Illuminated Sensor Touch Keypad, Multiple Enrollment Modes, Standalone & Network Operation, Sturdy IP65-rated enclosure
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e-DATA TLR401 Fingerprint Key Biometric Reader



The Fingerprint Key is an amazingly effective biometric fingerprint reader available in two different memory configurations supporting from 500 to 3,000 stored user templates. When utilizing the sensor touch keypad and iCLASS reader option, the Fingerprint Key provides multiple ways for granting access. Sealed in a sturdy NEMA 4 IP65-rated enclosure, the Fingerprint Key is the perfect choice for any environment.




  • 1 to many or 1 to 1 match
  • Supports Read/Write technologies (via RS485)
  • Network template transfer between fingerprint readers
  • Sturdy NEMA 4 IP65-rated enclosure (read more about NEMA ratings)
  • Illuminated Sensor touch keypad
  • Secure administration login
  • Prompted user enrollment
  • Multiple enrollment modes
  • Optional iCLASS SmartCard reader
  • SmartCard & PIN code verification
  • Standalone & Network operation
  • Color LED indicators
  • Audible indicators
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