Mobotix MX-M12D-SEC-DNIGHT-D22N22

Dual Lens 3 MP Camera (22mm Day & 22mm Night Lens)

Warranty Included

Product Features:

  • 2x 22mm Wide Angle Lenses
  • Minimum Illumination of 0.05 Lux
  • Shock-Proof Housing & Dome
  • Integrated Video Motion Detection
  • PoE (Power-over-Ethernet)
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BOSCH KBE-455V28-20  
BOSCH KBN-455V55-20  
BOSCH KBE-455V55-20  
BOSCH KBN-498V28-20  
BOSCH KBN-498V75-20  
BOSCH KBE-498V28-20  
GeoVision GV-BX1500-E  
BOSCH KBE-498V75-20  
BOSCH KBE-498V28-20U  
BOSCH KBE-498V75-20U  
GeoVision GV-BX2400-E  
BOSCH KBE-630V41-20  
BOSCH KBE-498V75-20F  
GeoVision GV-BX3400-E  
Bosch EX27DMX4V0550W-N  
GeoVision GV-BX5300-E  
BOSCH KBE-832V38-20N  
BOSCH KBE-832V18-20NV  
Mobotix MX-M12D-IT-D43D135  
Mobotix MX-M12D-IT-DNIGHT-D43N43  
Mobotix MX-M24M-SEC-NIGHT-N11  
Mobotix M12D-SEC-DNIGHT-D135N135  
Mobotix MX-M12D-SEC-NIGHT-N22N135  
Mobotix MX-M12D-SEC-D22D43  
Mobotix MX-M12D-SEC-NIGHT-N43N135  
Mobotix MXM12DSECDNIGHTD135N22  
Mobotix MXM12DSECDNIGHTD135N43  
Mobotix MXM12DSECDNIGHTD22N135  
Mobotix MXM12DSECDNIGHTD43N135  
Mobotix MXM12DSECNIGHTN22N43  
Mobotix MX-M12D-SEC-D43D135  
Mobotix MX-M12D-SEC-D22D135  
Mobotix MX-M12D-SEC-N135-LPF  
GeoVision GV-BX120D-E  
GeoVision GV-BX220D-E  
Geovision GV-BX520D-E  
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The Mobotix MX-M12D-SEC-DNIGHT-D22N22 is a 3MegaPixels surveillance/security camera which features 2 day lenses, a day lens and a night lens of 22mm focal length each. It also features some very advanced features like, IP65 weatherproof rating, minimum illumination of 0.05 Lux, integrated video motion detection and PoE. The microSD card slot can accept the card of capacity up to 64GB. It has a Shock-Proof Housing & Dome.

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